Because of sin I cannot pray
My shame keeps me away today
    My child, my death has set you free
   My Father welcomes you in Me

I cannot pray until I’m clean
I’m too ashamed to be so seen
   My child, I know you through and through
   So do not doubt My love for you

Because I’ve failed so many times
I’ve buried prayer beneath my crimes
   My child, it is of dust you’re made
   You cannot cause My love to fade

My prayers are simple, not profound
While others have a spiritual sound
   My child, your words are not the key
   It is your heart that’s turned to Me

I am not needed for God’s plans
He speaks to those who understand.
   My child, I long to touch your heart
   For you there is a special part

My prayers are weak and have no clout
They cannot keep the evil out
   My child, in Me the Living Word
   Your power in prayer a mighty sword

My day is busy and so full
I’ll pray when time permits a lull
   My child take time in prayer with Me
   So life won’t always run with thee

But prayer is so routine and flat
And such a chore I find at that
   My child, it is your heart I seek
   So you can know the love I speak

The Lord will lead my heart to pray
Until that time I’ll go my way
   My child, seek Me and you will find
   In prayer our hearts will be entwined

In church we pray to meet our need
Once every week should do the deed
   My child, today the battle’s won
   As you seek victory in My Son

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”
– Matthew 26:41